Lightning Network Launches Third Release Featuring Bitcoin & Litecoin Atomic Swaps

Following the activation of Segregated Witness (Segwit) on the Bitcoin network, the developers from Lightning Labs released the 0.3 alpha version of the team’s Lightning Network Daemon. Lightning Labs developer, Laolu “Roasbeef” Osuntokun, details the release provides a vast array of new features including litecoin atomic swaps. Following Segwit Activation […]

Large Korean Conglomerate Gets Into Bitcoin Remittances Post Legalization

A large South Korean conglomerate is entering the Bitcoin remittance market. Dongbu Group is partnering with Bitcoin remittance service provider Sentbe via its savings bank subsidiary. The move follows the legalization of “micro” Bitcoin remittances by the Korean government. Korean Conglomerate Working with Bitcoin Established in 1969, Dongbu Group is […]

Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Accused of Misappropriating Client Funds

Leading Chinese bitcoin exchanges have been accused of using client funds for the purposes of making high-risk investments. Chinese state media outlet, Xinhua, first reported the allegations that Chinese bitcoin exchanges have been diverting customer funds toward private “wealth management products”. Chinese State Media Has Alleged That Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges […]

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