Saxo Bank Offers Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes

A Denmark-based multi-asset and trading institution, Saxo Bank, recently stated they are allowing clients to gain exposure to bitcoin. The bank just added exchange-traded notes for bitcoin. Saxo bank mentioned that fascination with bitcoin has dramatically increased in 2017. This is primarily because the Asian market, especially China and Japan, has […]

Pro-Bitcoin Expedia CEO Picked to Run Uber

Uber has reportedly chosen Expedia chief Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO. Under Khosrowshahi’s lead, Expedia started accepting bitcoin. He is also a personal investor in Bitcoin startup 21 Inc. Uber Picked Bitcoin-Friendly Chief Uber Technologies Inc reportedly chose Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO on Sunday, according […]

Crypto Media Group Strategy: Recruit Celebrities to Promote ICOs

Crypto Media Group is actively recruiting celebrities to conduct promotional campaigns for upcoming ICOs. Floyd Mayweather recently issued a tweet promoting a soon-to-launch ICO that included hashtags indicating that the post was a promotional advertisement created in partnership with Crypto Media Group. Also Read: Bollywood Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Crypto Media Group’s […]

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