Crypto Media Group Strategy: Recruit Celebrities to Promote ICOs

Crypto Media Group is actively recruiting celebrities to conduct promotional campaigns for upcoming ICOs. Floyd Mayweather recently issued a tweet promoting a soon-to-launch ICO that included hashtags indicating that the post was a promotional advertisement created in partnership with Crypto Media Group. Also Read: Bollywood Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Crypto Media Group’s […]

Long and Short Bitcoin ETFs Filed with SEC

Two more bitcoin ETFs have been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “Rex Bitcoin Strategy ETF” and “Rex Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF” are not expected to invest directly in bitcoin. Their investments will include US-listed bitcoin derivatives as well as “an actively managed portfolio of fixed income […]

Bank of Mexico Rejects ‘Virtual Currency’ as Legal Classification for Bitcoin

The governor of the Bank of Mexico, Agustin Carstens, has rejected adopting ‘virtual currency’ as the legal classification for bitcoin. Carstens has argued that the term ‘currency’ comprises an inappropriate classification for bitcoin due to the cryptocurrency’s absence of central bank backing or issuance. Carstens Believes That Bitcoin’s Lack of […]

Chinese Manufacturing Giant Midea Seeks Household Appliance Mining Patent

Public records reveal the large Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer, Midea Group, recently applied for a patent that enables bitcoin mining through household appliances. A system for Digging Bitcoins by Using a Household Appliance The Chinese corporation Midea Group is a major appliance manufacturer headquartered in Beijiao, China. Midea has been […]

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