RunCPA – Affiliate Marketing Network With Instant Payouts

A win-win strategy for growing businesses and professional webmasters

RunCPA was founded in 2014 by advertising professionals and technology enthusiasts as the world’s first blockchain cost-per-action marketing network.

We act as a middle men between growing businesses seeking new paying customers and our 5,000 affiliated professional webmasters who use their experience to provide best quality traffic that converts.

There’s no question who’s more important for us, business owners or traffic owners. We respect both sides and strive to provide win-win solutions for all our partners.


The CPA (cost-per-action) model is very simple. Business pays only when visitor becomes a customer and purchases goods or services. This approach eliminates risk of wasting money on views, clicks, visits, registrations etc. CPA models enables controlled growth for every business, no matter how big is it by reducing risks and entry-barriers.


Without a doubt, our partners are the most valuable thing wehave. We make no difference if it is a strong brand or someone in the beginning of the journey, we provide same high-quality service for every partner. Focusing on long-term win-win relationships we work everyday to stay a performance-based internet marketing company you can trust.


We believe that being innovative is the only way to stay competitive. Our development team is focused on securing partners with quality assurance technology and advanced anti-fraud solutions. RunCPA is also the first affiliate marketing company to implement blockchain and bitcoin to provide transparent and instant payments for our partners. These innovations together enables long-term sustainable growth for RunCPA. But there’s still a lot to do. Stay tuned!

Affiliate Marketing Network With Instant Payouts

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