Start smart:)

This is not a post about, how awesome I am,  it’s a combination of ideas and thoughts about what I have gone through making money online.
I was in my final semester  at University and had accepted a job of an assistant at marketing agency. I thought my future was set ☺ But, due to some changes at the agency, I realised that it is time to look for another  career. Besides, I had a full load of credits. OMG!

I started  to learn more about earning sources in the Internet, immediately dove into the world of online marketing, took notes, tested and haven’t ever stopped. First of all, I studied some tactics  regarding  Youtube, banner advertising and got acquinted with Bloggers.  Now I can earn money online and really love doing it! Moreover, my earnings have doubled and are still growing!
When starting, you are strongly recommended to do the same basics I did. Use Facebook, for example or any other social networks.I am still not perfect in that business and never will be, but  I really like my life now and think it to become even  better! , I have more free time for hobbies and friends, we travel  together and collect nice memories.

All the positive changes described above are connected with RunCPA, where I gained my affiliate experience, found new friends and got much happier )

4 thoughts on “Start smart:)

  1. Really Great list and I find useful information about how WordPress helps to build the big brands on the internet. Before reading this article I’m not aware of using WordPress CMS for big enterprises. But now I will recommend to my big enterprise clients.

  2. Rachel, WordPress is not longer used just to create a simple WordPress blogs. It is used by millions of websites and many of theme are highly trafficked ones.

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