How to make profit on long flights.

Hey Guys!
Seasonal holidays are on, and I am heading to New York to meet my friends.It is always a big question, what to do while long and sometimes tiring flights? Playing, of course…..and earning money.

I know, how to combine these two things.
The best decision is playing  Pocketdice Casino: it is really fascinating and challenging. I just open my Ipad and start playing, you don’t even need to download it!
How  much can you earn? It depends. I can make up to 50 USD during my flight or even more…
In addition, I get my revenue share  which is based on the amount of bets made by the referred player, so you can get something from your referral whether the player wins or loses. Brilliant idea, don’t you think so?
So, guys use my pieces of advice.
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